Padres, Rockies Trade Proposal: Wil Myers for Brendan Rodgers

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I was going to write about the San Diego Padres' desire to trade for Jose Iglesias of the Detroit Tigers. Then I thought of a more blockbuster move they could make. Because each offseason seems to include the Padres searching for a shortstop I think they should snag the best one in the minor leagues possible. For me it's Brendan Rodgers of the Colorado Rockies' organization. A top 10’er per, he’s someone many teams should ask about.

Wouldn't you also know, the Rockies could use someone on the Padres. Wil Myers is an outfielder turned first baseman whose bat would look great in the Colorado altitude. Myers would fill the void at first base for the Rockies and the Padres get their shortstop of the future. It's a win-win for these National League West rivals.

The main reason for this trade to occur is for the Rockies to move Rodgers as he is blocked by Trevor Story at shortstop and DJ LeMahieu at second base. The Rockies also added Ian Desmond this offseason which has me believing they're ready to swap multiple players: including a top ten prospect.

What do you think of a Wil Myers for Brendan Rodgers trade?
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As far as trading Myers goes, it's not a particularly great move by San Diego. However, I feel it's much easier to replace him than to find a top shortstop. Myers' injury history devalues him too. While he is not made of glass, Myers missed about half the season in 2014 and 2015 due to separate injuries. Last year, in 157 games played, he broke out and pretty much doubled his career totals in the three years combined prior with 28 home runs, 94 RBIs, and 28 stolen bases.

Of course, this trade is probably not possible straight up one-for-one. More importantly, it has no real shot at taking place even if it helps the Rockies and their desire to compete immediately while allowing the Padres to sit back for another year or two until Rodgers becomes a beast in the MLB.

Rockies Sign Ian Desmond, Must Now Trade Charlie Blackmon or Carlos Gonzalez

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Unless a major defensive shift takes places for the Colorado Rockies it looks like their first big transaction of the offseason will lead to at least one more move. Colorado signed free agent Ian Desmond in a transaction I don't think anyone figured was a fit. Outfielders are the last thing the Rockies need. The same is true of middle infielders. Yet, Colorado still went out of their way to pay big bucks to Desmond who plays at both spots.

This could possibly mean the Rockies have a trade brewing with Charlie Blackmon or Carlos Gonzalez. Each has been on the trade block since last offseason with multiple teams eyeing them up. Now, more than ever, a reason to trade one presents itself as the outfield just increased from four starters to five.

The Ian Desmond signing by the Colorado Rockies could signal upcoming trades of Charlie Blackmon or Carlos Gonzalez.
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One possibility, still, is to see someone shift to first base. Gerardo Parra looked the most likely, but the Rockies are probably more inclined to use him as their fourth outfielder as he failed to produce for them last season at the plate. Many trade scenarios involving Gonzalez and/or Blackmon are still in existence as teams like the Texas Rangers, St. Louis Cardinals, and Baltimore Orioles remain in the mix for a new outfielder. Blackmon is easily the more well-rounded guy with the cheaper contract attached to him which has me figuring he’s the one they can move. The Cardinals, and their abundance of pitching, look like the best match of all.

In the meantime, the Rockies' depth chart is overflowing. I'm already clueless how they'll use their top prospect Brendan Rogers. They're also still minus a solid first baseman too. The Rockies can go in several directions.

How or if they trade Blackmon or Gonzalez will hopefully give a slightly better idea of what their plans actually could be. Ready to pay Desmond $22 million in 2017, I’m wondering if they have a lot more in store this winter.

SD Padres Trade Rumors: Ryan Schimpf, Yangervis Solarte, Cory Spangenberg

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Not exactly a trade rumor on the same scope as the Chris Sale deal or what the Washington Nationals gave up to get Adam Eaton, the San Diego Padres are potentially shopping multiple players around. In particular, it's those guys capable of playing second base that the Los Angeles Angels have their eyes on obtaining from San Diego that lead the way.

The Padres aren't in full rebuild. They are, however, not afraid to sell off anyone on an MLB contract. They've already released Tyson Ross and now they seem prepared to trade some of their better position players; some of whom were very productive last year.

Among those the Padres are listening to offers on are Ryan Schimpf, Yangervis Solarte, and Cory Spangenberg. The Angels, minus a legitimate second baseman, could use any of these three to upgrade over what they already have in place. Finally sick of average options at the position, the Angels are seeking someone with a little more upside.

The San Diego Padres have several second basemen they appear willing to trade.
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Out of these three, Solarte is my favorite. He can play multiple positions and as a switch hitter isn’t going to get overmatched. He was underrated last year with a solid .286/.341/.467 slash line to go with his 15 home runs and 71 RBIs.

Schimpf and Spangenberg are a little more mysterious. Schimpf had a breakout year for the Padres last season when he smashed 20 home runs in only 330 plate appearances. His batting average of .217 was incredibly weak, but he did draw walks regularly and hit with great power. I see Schimpf as a better platoon option with a right-handed hitter so if this is what the Angels have in mind then they should push the Padres hard to get him. In Spangenberg’s case, we’re still not quite sure what he’ll become exactly. The 2011 first round draft pick had a very productive 2015 season, but was limited greatly in 2016 to just 14 games. As the youngest of this group, Spangenberg’s biggest bonus is how long he’ll stick around.

The Padres don’t have very many great trade options. The ones they do have, like these three second base options, are still desirable pieces as we’ve seen the Angels intrigued by each.