Noah Syndergaard Twitter Reaction to Being Left Off Cy Young Finalists

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New York Mets’ pitcher Noah Syndergaard was not very happy about being left out of the top three finalists for a National League Cy Young Award. Pretty understandable since he was third in ERA, right?

Well, Syndergaard wasn’t nearly as fantastic as he may think. Hitters had a .243 batting average against him in 2016. This was worse than far less notable pitchers Dan Straily and Brandon Finnegan. Of course, Syndergaard crushes them in many other categories. His 14 wins probably didn’t help his cause much either as the actual finalists won 20, 19, and 16 games. All three of them were also in the top four in batting average against with Jake Arrieta at number one the man left out of the fray.

Noah Syndergaard was not very happy about falling outside the top three National League Cy Young Award candidates.
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Rather than take the loss without saying any words, Syndergaard called up Dwight from “The Office” to express his feelings.

With all due respect to Syndergaard, his greatest strength was not allowing runs to score. He still had the same batting average against and WHIP as Jeremy Hellickson. Syndergaard also failed to reach 200 innings. Blame for this can go on a brief injury stint.

In terms of WAR, finalists Max Scherzer and Jon Lester beat Syndergaard. Kyle Hendricks didn’t put up an incredible number in this statistic, but his miniscule ERA made up for it.

Yet another season of great National League pitchers, someone had to be left off. This time around it was Syndergaard.

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Dallas Keuchel Twitter Battle Ends Quickly

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Houston Astros’ pitcher Dallas Keuchel was, like many people, spending his Sunday night watching the NBA Finals. Pointing out some hypocrisy, Keuchel shared the following tweet:

Clearly, Keuchel is not a guy who enjoys bandwagon fans.

Dallas Keuchel ruled Twitter on Sunday night.
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This could’ve been the end of his night on Twitter until one person decided to call him out.

Well, a favorable argument I guess on Mr. Boudreau’s behalf. After a 20-win season with a 2.48 ERA, Keuchel has been pretty bad in 2016. He now leads the league in losses with 9 and has more than doubled his ERA up to 5.32.

But recent struggles aside, Keuchel reminded this Twitter user that he is still a better pitcher than most people.

I can hear Bob Boudreau deleting his Twitter from over here.

Typically I won’t like this cocky type of response. Since Keuchel did nothing to invoke an insult, I’m on his side here. We’ve all trolled celebrities on Twitter at some point in our lives and I’m pretty sure this one Twitter user will think twice before insulting someone else again.

Now let’s all rejoice and shake our heads together that this battle ended quickly.

The Sports Bloggers Podcast Episode 2: Clayton Kershaw, James Shields, Bryce Harper’s Hair

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Earlier this week I was invited onto the second episode of The Sports Bloggers Podcast to talk some baseball with fellow Sports Bloggers Tom Darcy and Joe McCabe of Beantown Beat and Nick Petro of Showtime Sports. Please take a listen from any of the links below and enjoy some nonsense. I’m also pretty sure in the first 10 minutes I broke a Guinness World Record for saying “uhhh” in between each thought.

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Topics we covered are the best left-handed pitcher in baseball, whether the James Shields trade was the right thing for the Chicago White Sox to do, and Bryce Harper’s hair.

I still can't tell if Bryce Harper is rebellious or gets his haircut at a barber school.
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Admit it. You’d rather listen to this than any of your coworkers or family members. Take a listen and stay tuned for future episodes. Hopefully, I’ll be on again too.